Sign makers aluminium fascia sign for OpSec


As leading Leicester sign makers we attract a lot of local business. True, we do provide sign making services not only throughout the midlands but also to businesses throughout the UK, but by and large our signage solutions are employed by Leicester-based companies and organisations. A recent addition to our region is OpSec Security, an American company specialising in anti-piracy and counterfeit protection.


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Fascia signs are great outdoor signage to promote your business


As leading midlands sign makers we know that every aspect of your business needs to work hard for you, providing value for money and cost effectiveness. This includes your business premesis. Whether you’re a local SME or a large multinational, using a high quality, high visibility fascia signs can attract potential customers your way.


Illuminated signs for Aarti Sweet Centre

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Leicester sign maker offers a wide range of outdoor signs


External signage is a key tool in bringing your business to the attention of potential customers. Selling your brand is key, and our wide range of outdoor signs are designed to do just that. As a leading Leicester sign maker we have many, many years experience of providing high quality outdoor signage to promote businesses and organisations.


Outdoor signs for businesses

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