Acrylic Plaques

At Sign Here we can provide your business with high quality Acrylic Plaques for a signage solution that literally sticks out!

As professional sign makers we use the latest technology and our vast sign making skills to manufacture high quality acrylic signs which are suitable for both interior and exterior use. The signs can be digitally printed to match your logo and company colours, and flame polished with brass or stainless steel fittings to give you a high quality sign.

Made from sheets of clear acrylic typically 10mm thick, the edges are flame polished. The main display area is double sided, so your company or organisation logo, illustration or text can be printed on both the ‘front’ normally, and also in reverse and applied on the ‘other’ side. Since the artwork is on the reverse it can not easily be vandalized and also it makes for a very professional looking sign.

Typically placed near the entrance door to a company, the acrylic plaque is a modern update of the old brass plate, offering more flexibility thanks to the variety colour and text fonts available. Acrylic plaques are usually placed on a locator to make it stand out at a tangent from the wall it is mounted on.

The acrylic also can be engraved and edge lit with LED lights of any colour to gives the clear engraved lettering a soft lit edge. These look very effective in dark locations, such as cinemas etc, and of course make an impression at night time. Acrylic plaques are also effective when hung from a ceiling and employed as a directional sign, such as in hospitals etc.

Acrylic Plaques sign makers

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