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A sign makers reputation is best reflected in word of mouth referals and customers who return again and again for their signage solutions. The latter is particularly gratifying since it’s a direct endorsement of the sign products and sign making services that have previously been provided. No one comes back to a company if they’re not completely happy with you. Whether it be for the quality of your products and services, or that the price is right, repeat business validates your business model. This is always a good thing, but especially so when your client is a charity. These organisations do not have large marketing budgets to work from, so being able to provide high quality signage within a modest budget is a must, such as with Leicestershire charity, Prost Aid.         

Prost Aid started as a voluntary group in 2004 comprising volunteers who have been affected by Prostate Cancer, and subsequently went on to become a independent registered charity. They offer local support, information, befriending and awareness of Prostate Cancer in the Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire area. One of the charity’s goals is to raise funds to assist local hospitals and clinics in the acquisition of new equipment and facilities for projects undertaken specifically to advance the range and nature of treatments and care available for prostate cancer sufferers. As part of their fund raising and awarness activities Prost Aid required advertising panels to be positioned on a bus.

This signage is well within the scope of what we as sign makers can provide our customers, and because this request was from such a good cause we were happy to provide our sign making services at a very cost effective rate. Based on the charity’s branding, Sign Here created a layout based on bus side specifications. To keep costs downs we produced the signage as full colour print graphics mounted on 4mm thick white correx panels. These are light weight and very cost effect. To further helps keep costs down, no protective seal was applied to the panels. This was because the advertising campaign was scheduled for the summer months with a very short life span. Subsequently, upon removal, these panels have been retained for future use. Our time on site to complete the application of the bus advertising was approximately two hours, and further time was required to remove the panels and redress the bus to original condition.

This was a very enjoyable project, more so for being a very worthy cause, one we are only too happy to support.

Sign makers vehicle graphics for bus advertising

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