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Bronze Plaques

The sign makers profession has a long and distinguished past. We’ve played a fundemental part in the development of the consumer revolution, dating back to the nineteenth century and the explosion of the industrial revolution. With the proliferation of consumer goods came the need to market and advertise, and sign making as we know it today was born. True, styles and techniques have changed, but the free market has always depended on us to bring its goods and products to the publics attention. The same is true of professional services. Before modern signage systems the way to advertise these services was to place a metal – typically brass – plaque at the entrance way of your company’s building.

Of course this ‘traditional’ technique is still alive and thriving today, despite the proliferation in sign making techniques, products and services, particularly for professional services such as solicitors. You’ll also find brass – in fact many other metals like bronze and stainless steel – plaques utilised by all manner of businesses if their offices are based within old world, traditional buildings. It’s usually the case that there are planning restrictions on buildings from the 18th and 19th century, limiting the kind of signage solution that can be applied to the building fascia.

That’s not to say that the traditional plaque isn’t utilised on more modern buildings. Many businesses choose to employ this kind of sign because of the tone and mood it communicates. It’s an elegant signage solution from a more genteel age, communicating a sense of history, tradition and respectability that many modern day signs just can’t replicate. This can be particularly useful for businesses wanting to instil a sense of trust and confidence in visitors they receive, such as financial institutions, medical practices and specialist consultancy services.

And it isn’t just company buildings that benefit from the perception of the plaque. Commemorative plaques for public display also convey a sense of dignity and importance that other signage simply cannot. Take this bronze plaque Sign Here produced to commemorate the planting of the eight millionth tree in The National Forest by HRH the Duke of Cambridge. It sits elegantly at the base of this new tree and impresses upon the reader the officialness, importance and the significance of the moment. This sign has had the text routed into the bronze, and is mounted onto a powder coated aluminium ground stake.

Sign makers bronze plaques

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