Sign makers expertise and services includes engraving wood

Engraved Wooden Signs

As sign makers, you’d expect us to have modern, up-to-date machinary in our dedicated, in-house sign manufacturing facility. Of course this goes without saying. As such, you’d expect that the vast majority of our sign making reflect the modern, contemporary nature of signage solutions today, and again you’d be correct. What you might not expect though is for Sign Here to be able to provide engraved wood signage solutions for both indoor and outsdoor usage. In fact this is a service we are all to happy to provide businesses and organisations with, such as local authorities.           

How do we do this? What machinary do we use? Our in-house router is typically employed for producing flat cut routed letters and shapes in a variety of materials, such as acrylic, aluminium, Dibond, and Foamex, but it is also put to use creating engraved wood lettering. As a result our sign makers can provide customers with an alternative to hard edged, clinical looking signs.

Take a look at the photos, above and below, to see how we are able to engrave wood, such as english oak (above), to manufacture bespoke engraved totem signs with both lettering and face fixed shapes (below), working in unison with information panels that are rebated into shallow troughs (above). The result is attractive, eye catching yet sturdy outdoor signage that will be around for many years to come. The information panels shown above are made from 4mm Dibond sheets, covered with a gloss laminated face applied print. As leading sign makers we only use the best materials.

Sign makers wood engraving services

At Sign Here we like this technique so much that we went out and found ourselves a lovely piece of wood, engraved our own name into it, seared the lettering, and added a recess to hold our sign makers business cards. It sits nicely and tidily on the reception counter at our premises, and is a talking point for many of our customers who come to see us in person.

Sign makers wood engraving services

Sign makers for engraved wood signs and wooden totem signs

You can find out more about our sign makers engraved wood signs and wooden totem signs by calling Sign Here on Freephone 08085 428021. If you prefer, please email us at Alternatively you should complete our contact form.

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