Sign makers full colour printed graphics for vehicle trailers

Vehicle Graphics

As leading sign makers we’re used to providing vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps for all kinds of automobiles, such as cars, vans, buses, trucks and heavy commercial vehicles. We also provide these services for vehicle trailers, predominantly used as food outlets. A recent example of this service required full colour printed graphics for a permanent trailer pitch which specialises in providing hog roasts.

Sign makers vehicle wrap for trailers          

The customers mandate was clear and to the point: design and produce full colour printed graphics which would make his trailer stand out. Since the trailer is based in a urban environment, and that they wanted to communicate the fresh, healthy heritage of their product, a design was created portraying the British countryside. This rural approach juxtaposes brilliantly against the industrial park setting of the trailer and catches the eye immediately.

One of the production considerations for this project was the need to allow for a variety of surface textures and equipment objects protruding from the trailer.  Vehicle graphics and wraps for automobiles encounter similar problems, but most vehicles are relatively smooth compared to a trailer. Sign Here had to consider the corrugated shutter and how this would effect the join with the graphic beneath it; we had to consider power points and other external objects that broke up the otherwise smooth lines of the trailer; finally, we had to consider a pod extension that provides additional space for the trailer when activated. All of these elements were allowed for at the planning stage of the project prior to visual design and final production.

Sign makers vehicle wrap for trailers

Sign makers vehicle wrap for trailers

Before and after: external power points work seamlessly with the final vehicle wrap 

When this process was completed and signed off by the customer we then proceeded to produce the full colour printed graphics onto high quality vinyl, followed by a clear vinyl laminate finish to seal the artwork. This process ensures that the vehicle graphics will be hard wearing and improve the longevity of the vehicle wrap. Overall this project was completed in four days, on time and to budget. The time necessary for this kind of project varies from vehicle to vehicle, but whether it be a car, van or commercial vehicle, Sign Here always complete the job on time and to budget as requested.

Sign makers vehicle wrap for trailers

Sign makers full colour printed graphics for vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics

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