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Illuminated Signs

Following a brand update for local recruitment agency Ace Appointments (Midlands) Ltd, leading Leicester sign makers Sign Here were asked to create a signage solution which breathed life into their existing logo, delivered high visibility for maximum impact, at a price that was cost effective.         

Sign makers exist to help businesses and organisations communicate their brands, values and messages to everyone who interacts with their environment, whether it be employees, clients, potential customers, or suppliers. With over twenty years sign making experience we have helped ensure that local government, businesses and the construction industry across the UK meet this important marketing and communication necessity.

Ace wanted to retain their logotype and the essence of their brand but re-present it on their building fascia in a highly visible and striking way. After a comprehensive site survey it was decided to create an illuminated halo effect sign. The original logotype from their previous sign consisted of 50mm deep built up letters and made from unpainted brushed stainless steel. The brand update required these letters to be painted orange. Upon receiving a sign off on our design visuals, Sign Here applied UV rated polyurethane paint using a spray which was then air dried. This covering is waterproof, though as the letters were fabricated using 316 grade stainless steel there is no chance of them rusting.

Illuminated sign with halo effect for Ace Appointments   Illuminated sign with halo effect for Ace Appointments

The next phase was to create new clear backtrays to mount the letters on to. These are sized so that they can easily and snuggly sit on the trays, effectively creating a cavity within the letters. A total of 300 tiny LED light modules were applied to the backtrays, each generating 45 lumens at 0.56 watts per unit. These lights are very easy to work with at the sign fabrication stage and are also much cheaper to run than traditional fluorescent tubes previously used by sign makers. There’s also the added bonus that LEDs do not require maintenance. Post-installation running costs are an important factor when it comes to illuminated signs, and at Sign Here we are very conscious of the need to minimise our customers expenditure.

Illuminated sign with halo effect for Ace Appointments   Illuminated sign with halo effect for Ace Appointments

These backtrays were then mounted onto a aluminium fascia which had been previously covered with a polyester architectural grade, UV rated powder coating. This new fascia was sized to completely cover the old one. Rather than being mounted flush to the surface, each backtray sits raised off the fascia, creating a space behind. When activated the light shines through the clear backtrays, falling onto the fascia and forming a white halo glow around the shape of the trays. The letters were then mounted onto the backtrays, covering them and completing the illuminated unit. The fascia was finished off with vinyl lettering for the remaining necessary information. The final phase required the mounting of the completed fascia onto the business premises external front wall, and for the unit to be connected to the (existing) electric power supply.

Illuminated sign with halo effect for Ace Appointments   Illuminated sign with halo effect for Ace Appointments

The’ before and after’ is clear to see. All told the rebrand was completed in less than a week, so minimising the downtime of the business’ signage. This, along with a very competitive rate, made for one very happy customer. We always strive to provide all of our customers with the highest quality products and service available, all at a price that is right. It’s the reason why we’ve retained the loyalty and respect of our long term customers.

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