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Totem Signs

As leading sign makers we encounter a wide variety of customers from different business sectors and industries. Which one they come from often plays a part in the type of signage we provide them with. This is particularly true when it comes to the aesthetics and visual tone the sign presents. A great example of this is of an illuminated Totem sign that we created for The Belmont Hotel.         

A totem sign can convey a sense of tradition, hinting at a more elegant age. Juxtapose this with modern, sophisticated branding and you immediately communicate a combination of class and style. This signage sits beautifully within its environment, complimenting the hotel structure itself. It’s a great example of how signage can be both discrete and yet stand out at the same time. It’s hard to pull off, but when you understand your customers needs, and can provide the necessary experience and expertise, is definitely achievable.

There were two other factors that we as professional sign makers needed to consider: Firstly, the elements, and how the weather would effect the totem sign over a long period of time; and secondly, night time visibility, and how best to illuminate the sign. Fortunately, with over twenty years sign making experience to draw upon, both of these challenges were overcome.

Sign makers Totem signs

The Belmont Hotel is a predominently smooth, white structure, and this aesthetic was reflected in the design of the totem. This meant that we could easily utilise a material and finish to match this style, and at the same time ensure it would be resistant to all the British weather has to throw at it. We utilised aluminium, specificly 2mm sheets which were formed around an internal steel frame. A decorative top completed the structure, and a white powder coat finish applied. This ensured a rust-free, easy to clean solution which will withstand the elements for years to come.

The solution to illuminate the sign at night reflects the elegance of the sign itself. The modern Belmont Hotel lettering is opal acrylic faced in a translucent print. LED lighting is mounted within the signs inner framework. When switched on the result is a highly visible yet elegant illuminated totem sign, light shining throught the lettering.

Sign makers Totem signs

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