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As sign makers the majority of the signage we design, manufacture and install is permanent. Typically we’ll provide building fascia signs for shop fronts, offices or many other kinds of commercial premises. Then there’s permanent indoor signs for reception areas, directional signage and internal identification, such as for company departments. What many people don’t realise is that Sign Here also provide temporary and portable signage solutions too, such as this easy to transport, LED illuminated sign for Breo.         

The customer’s brief required a sign that could be easily transported from exhibition to exhibition, be able to stand independently, and be safe for public display and possible human contact. The sign’s final use would be for display purposes in the customer’s office reception area.

After careful consideration we proposed the creation of a LED illuminated sign, made from acrylic. This ensured important safety and practicality issues were immediately met: the use of acrylic would provide a strong yet lightweight body, while the use of LED lights would not only provide a cold light source – eliminating the possibility of overheating and the danger of possible burning if touched – but also provide a cost effective energy solution. Illuminated signs are an excellent way of communicating your brand or sales message, and from our experience as sign makers they have proved very popular.

The main body of the sign comes as one complete piece, with the face and returns (depth) fixed as a final, single construction. Completely hand made from 3mm 050 opal acrylic, the returns are 80mm deep. This level of depth ensured a wide, steady base, so that the sign can safely stand freely on tables and exhibition display surfaces. This construction is then affixed to a 10mm thick Foamex back tray, sealing the unit. The white LED lighting units – small but very powerful – are mounted to this tray. When turned on the subsequent light illuminates through the opal acrylic, creating a beautiful, eye-catching glow.

Our customer reports the sign has proved very successful in drawing attention to their exhibition stands, and that it conveys an image of modern sophistication and design élan which sits nicely with their brand. There’s nothing sign makers like to hear more than the compliments of a satisfied customer who appreciates their work.

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