Sign makers metal illuminated sign with built up push through letters for Blue Inc

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We’re leading sign makers for shopfitters. We’ve built up an enviable reputation over the last twenty years by providing shopfitters with exactly what they need: first class signage products with client-focused customer service, all at a highly competitive price. That’s why leading retailer Blue Inc chose us to create this sleek metal illuminated sign with built up push through letters for their Basingstoke retail outlet.

Illuminated sign for Blue Inc         

To maximise the entrance area the customer decided to remove the shop front’s bulkhead. This allows for the construction of a glazed fascia, and a wider, more spacious point of entry for visiting shoppers. At the same time it means that the signage has no vertical surface to be attached to. The solution is to hang the sign from the main structural beam which traverses the length of the shop front. This solution also allowed for the sign to be double sided, allowing the customer to communicate their brand to shoppers both entering and leaving the premises. This form of signage is uncommon, though as shopfitters we do see its implementation in the case of shops in modern shopping centres.

The main body of the sign is made from 2mm aluminium. A frame is constructed for the vertical and horizontal width edges which supports an inner carcass – the structure which supports the interior lighting and face and back trays. This is powder coated prior to final assembly. Both the face trays are router cut out at our sign makers workshop to receive true built up acrylic letters. To prevent the acrylic letters travelling all the way through the fret cut face a ‘top hat’ effect is used to hold the letter in place. This lip defines the limit to which any letter can be positioned. With this process completed the two face trays are held in place with screws & washers.

Illuminated sign for Blue Inc

The sign’s interior lighting is generated with standard fluorescent tubes fitted within the inner carcass. The light from these only escapes through the acrylic lettering, thus creating the illuminated sign effect. Fluorescent tubes are the traditional sign makers lighting tool, but now a days we find ourselves employing modern multi-unit super bright LED lighting systems. These are more cost effective at both the manufacturing and running phases of the signs life.

Illuminated sign for Blue Inc

To attach the sign to the overhead structural beam the installation on site is generally done by dropping threaded bars down from the solid, secure areas hidden behind the ceiling decoration. These in turn are connected to the inner carcass, ensuring a safe signage hanging solution with a smooth, clean finish. The result is a perfectly formed, accurately branded shop sign which effortlessly hangs over the retail space entrance which allows the customer has an inviting, easy see through view into the shop.

Sign makers illuminated signs for shopfitters

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