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Projecting Signs

As sign makers we often find ourselves leading our customers by the hand from the very beginning of the entire signage process. Sometimes the customer only has a vague idea of what kind of signage they require, and who can blame them? There’s a wide variety of signage solutions available to businesses and organisations, all suited to specific needs and budgets. With guidance and good customer service, the process is pain-free, resulting in the customer receiving exactly what they need. This was not the case with leading digital agency Cite, who had a strong idea of what they wanted.         

Constrained by the circumstances of their workplace – a converted red-brick house – it wasn’t possible to utilise typical business building signs, such as fascia signs. As it turns out, a fascia sign wouldn’t have been in keeping with the company’s personality. They wanted something small but noticable; something that would draw the eye but not offend; something in a format that was easily achievable, yet at the same time different. When you’re dealing with creative companies, you find you need to up your game! Though our solutions for other companies always provide high quality, cost effective signage, creative companies have a sense of aesthetics and design sensibility not commonly found elsewhere, and as sign makers it’s our job to help them realise their creative vision.

One other consideration was the functionality of the sign. Whereas other businesses want to maximise the exposure of their brand – for instance to passers by – design companies don’t typically get walk-in customers. As such there is no need to ‘shout’ the brand, and a more elegant signage solution can be provided. The principal function of this sign was to let visitors to the company know where the company is upon arrival in the area. As a anonymous red-brick converted house, and located near a busy junction, the premises can easily be missed by first time visitors, such as new clients. The projecting sign allows visitors to see the company’s identity, thanks to it’s physical position in relation to the building, and through the smart use of materials Sign Here employed.

A slim, bespoke frame was designed and fabricated to attach the sign to the building. Made from steel, the frame was powder coated a dark grey. This was used to house a router-cut a ‘self glow’ acrylic panel. The beauty of this material is that light easily shines through it, enhancing the signs colour, a technique which draws the eye. In an otherwise drab environment this really stands out. The sign works harder for the customer with no additional running costs, such as when using electricity. The customer’s name was then etched into the acrylic plaque, adhering to the company’s logo branding, and white vinyl lettering applied to define the company name against the orange glow of the panel. An additional vinyl was applied, displaying the customer’s business information. This entire process was applied to both sides of the sign enabling clear visibility from both approaches to the company.

The results speak for themselves: an eye-catching, elegant, yet hard working signage solution, all at a very competitive price.

Sign makers projecting signs

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