Sign makers shopfitters and interiors services: Duratrans and vinyls for Eurostar St Pancras


As leading sign makers we’re regularly asked to provide signage solutions for shopfitters and interior design companies. Our specialism is often just one element of a much larger project, and projects don’t come much bigger than the Eurostar terminal at London St Pancras.         

Working with shopfitters and interior companies is one of our areas of expertise. As sign makers we have vast experience of doing so, with many of these clients repeatedly coming back to us on a regular basis. We’re proud of our shopfitters services and fully appreciate the skills and mindset required to fulfill these unique needs. It’s best summed up in our shopfitters pledge.

Sign Here were asked to provide super-high quality Duratrans for use in illuminated cabinets, plus conventional fitted full colour vinyls, and bespoke acrylic key fobs (to access mobile phone chargers housed in lockers). Duratrans are prints on semi-rigid opal plastic that will allow a light source (typically from a lightbox or cabinet) to glow onto the prints, creating a very vibrant, glossy effect not seen with conventional printing and signage methods. Most people typically see these at airports, such as when travelling along moving walkways.

Sign makers Duratran prints at Eurostar London St Pancras terminal

Our Duratrans comprised both picture and text-only versions. The image based prints were to be deployed in large cabinets, the text-only versions appearing under every ticket desk and counter top. We also produced standard vinyls for panel frame displays throughout the Eurostar section of the station. These were originated from our in-house full colour graphics printer.

Sign makers Duratran prints at Eurostar London St Pancras terminal

Sign makers Duratran prints at Eurostar London St Pancras terminal

Fitting these on site was a long, four day event, including a site safety induction course (as you can probably imagine, with a project of this scale there are many other jobs going on at the same time as ours). There was also a temporary delay for one full day when her Majesty The Queen paid a visit the station.

A further contribution asked of us was to produce bespoke acrylic key fobs.  These would be employed to allow Eurostar customers access mobile phone charger units housed in lockers within the terminal. These were produced using a laser cutting tool in our manufacturing workshop, and finished with router-cut numbering for locker identification.

Sign makers Duratran prints at Eurostar London St Pancras terminal

Our involvement in this project means that every day thousands of people experience our sign making products. We’re very proud of our contribution to this flagship Eurostar project.

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