Sign makers vehicle graphics for Premier Forklifts

Vehicle Graphics

As sign makers we’re driven to provide our customers with the very best sign making products and sign making services available. We take pride in the fact that all of our clients receive a bespoke customer service so that all their signage needs are met on time and to budget. But what really pleases us is when we manage to communicate our customers ideas and expectations so well that they come back asking for more. Take, for example, these vehicle graphics for Premier Forklifts.         

These vehicle graphics comprise a high quality, full colour printed logo, with machine-cut flat vinyl lettering. The vehicle was already painted in a vibrant red colour. Utilising the red from the customer’s existing brand identity, Sign Here produced CAD drawings of vehicle layouts incorporating the company’s logo, core products and services messages, and a call to action in the form of telephone numbers. In this particular case it was decided by the customer that the company’s website address and e-mail details were not required.

The nature of the company logo – three distinct colours (red, white and black) plus a graduated tint – meant that it would need to be produced with our full colour printed graphics service. The logo is printed on to clear adhesive vinyls via a printer plotter. This process also includes a very finely tipped, ultra-accurate cutting blade, which follows the print plotter and cuts the surface of the vinyl, just deep enough without cutting the protective wax backing. Once this process is completed, a Sign Here vehicle graphics technician manually part-removes the backing and, based on the pre-agreed positioning layout, applies the vinyls to the vehicle. This is done in one smooth, continuous movement, making sure that air pockets do not form, to ensure a pristine, perfect finish.

Sign makers vehicle graphics for Premier Forklifts

The remaining decals comprise a variety of machine-cut, flat vinyl letters. Again these are originated from our specialist sign printing CAD software, digitally transmitted to our printer plotter, and accurately cut to form a series of flat colour typographic shapes, which we can quickly apply to the vehicle. Vinyl letters are a simple, cost effective vehicle graphic solution which many of our customers employ to communicate their company branding or marketing message. They can be produced in a wide variety of flat colours to match any existing colour scheme, so if you’re considering vehicle graphics to promote your company you’re rest assured Sign Here will provide you with a suitable solution.

Premier Forklifts were so happy with these initial vehicle graphics that they’ve had us back to update other vehicles in their van fleet. That’s the benefit of doing a good job; the customer is happy, satisfied, and often back for more.

Sign makers full colour printed graphics and vinyl letters for vehicle graphics

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