Sign makers window graphics for Opsec


Some of our most popular sign makers products are window graphics. We’ve all seen how shop display windows are often utilised to promote products and events, such as sales, but there are other window graphic applications too. Sign Here’s recent commission by Leicester-based company OpSec Security included such a requirement.


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Sign makers aluminium fascia sign for OpSec


As leading Leicester sign makers we attract a lot of local business. True, we do provide sign making services not only throughout the midlands but also to businesses throughout the UK, but by and large our signage solutions are employed by Leicester-based companies and organisations. A recent addition to our region is OpSec Security, an American company specialising in anti-piracy and counterfeit protection.


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Sign makers acrylic stand-off sign for OpSec


Sign makers are only as good as their last job, as far as customers are concerned. Do a job badly and the chances are that customer won’t use you again. Do it right – and by this we mean to expectation, if not beyond, and at great value for money – and the likelyhood is that the customer will come back to you for additional services. Such is the case with OpSec Security, a leading anti-piracy and counterfeit protection company with offices in Leicester.


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