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As leading Leicester sign makers we attract a lot of local business. True, we do provide sign making services not only throughout the midlands but also to businesses throughout the UK, but by and large our signage solutions are employed by Leicester-based companies and organisations. A recent addition to our region is OpSec Security, an American company specialising in anti-piracy and counterfeit protection.         

Our outdoor sign making products cater for the full range of building exteriors, including high street, shopping centre, warehouse/depot/factory, offices and converted residential. Opsec had moved into a modern facility located at a business park, with a high proportion of glass. This element dominated the entrance to the building so had to be factored in to the final signage solution.

The client wanted to utilise their company logo in such a way as to convey the clean, precise, modern nature of their business. Sign Here proposed a light, aluminium-based solution with dressed returns, attached to a discrete frame which would create the impression of the sign floating in front of the glass entranceway.

Sign makers fascia sign for OpSec Security

Designed with SignLad sign makers software, above, our technicians created an oval shaped aluminium front with a CNC (computer numerical control) router. This allows us to accurately plot the exact size and shape desired. Once acheived, a dressed return is welded to the circumference of the oval front. This is the element that gives the sign depth, with the welding applied to the inside of the shape. Next, the sign shell has a fitting attached to the reverse side. This will ultimately afix to the frame which will support the sign.

The sign shell is then powder coated to a RAL colour matching system finish. Poweder coating is typically applied electrostatically, cured under heat. The powder is typically either thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. When heated the powder liqufies, allowing a smooth and even skin to be created, resulting in a hard finish which is much tougher than conventional paint. When set, the sign is passed to a technician who finishes it with the applcation of high quality avery vinyl graphics.

Sign makers fascia sign for OpSec Security

Ordinarily Sign Here provide sign installation services, but as this sign needed to be attached to a predominently glass fascia, a specialist glazing company was employed to do so. They atteched the bespoke built frame which, when completed, secures the sign the the building fascia. The results can be seen above.

Aluminium fascia sign makers

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