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Glass Etch

As leading sign makers we offer a wide range of sign making products and services. If you’re a regular follower of our blog you’ll be pretty familiar with our first class signage solutions, but did you know that Sign Here also provide a glass etch vinyls service, for both external and internal windows?         

In the same way that we can print full colour graphics onto vinyls for a wide variety of signage products, such as vehicle graphics and flooring, so we can also create semi-transparent ‘etch’-like vinyls that allow you to see through your windows, and also offer some protection from extreme sunlight, and offer privacy from anyone looking through the glass.

These vinyls can take the form of simple ‘solid’ blocks, running any length you require and to a height of 1220mm, but that’s not all. As sign makers we can offer a variety of alternatives, including dots, strips, and even company logos. Imagine, your company logo neatly cut out of semi-opaque vinyl, and positioned onto a window. Many of our customers have done just that, both for internal and external windows. The latter are particularly popular since it affords the customer the opportunity to not only add privacy to their windows but also promote their company through brand and logo placement.

Internal usage of window vinyls is no less important. Beyond providing privacy – say between offices, or for a boardroom – there’s also an important health and safety consideration. Large panes of glass are often susceptible to people walking into them, leading to both broken glass and broken staff. Subsequent Health and Safety investigations have found employers liable for injuries incurred when glass has not been readily recognisable. Etch vinyls not only address this liability but also serve as a preventative measure, reducing the chance of unfortunate incidents in the first place.

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